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©2017 by The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Conference

Dear friends, leaders and behind the scenes supporters of Harriet Tubman, Underground Railroad and Frederick Douglass:


The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Conference is coming together.   One keynote speaker will focus on Frederick Douglass.  The second speaker and dinner program will encourage us all to research and tell our story in many ways.    We hope you have continued to dream about presenting or participating in this year’s conference which will be Friday June 1 –Saturday, June 2, 2018.   These stories are important and we want yours.  


This year’s theme is “SHARING THE STORIES, HISTORY IS OURS TO TELL.”   Because we were late getting the information out, the deadline for submitting proposals has been extended until Thursday, March 22nd.   The resources used to get the stories right include genealogy, oral histories, archives and more.  This important work allows us to more fully celebrate a person, story or experience.  We have limited space for artistic stories, yet don’t create a boundary.  Send a proposal, we will try to accommodate your work.  This year we especially welcome research regarding Frederick Douglass, another Eastern Shore leader.


There is a cover letter and there is a proposal format.  Please follow it carefully.  We have a short time frame and it makes it more professional for both you and us.  We know this is an abbreviated timeline, but we are confident that the best will come forward. 


We hope you will put June 1-2 on your calendar to come for the conference.  We are exploring offering tours before and after the conference.  Details coming. 


The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center has already welcomed 100,000 visitors, well ahead of anticipated attendance.  It is a wonderful credit to Harriet and the Underground Railroad.   We thank all the people, young and old who took time out of their lives to visit and celebrate the experience. 


If we’ve left something out, let us know.  We will now be watching the email every day.  The updated website will be online in a week, goodness the challenges we’ve had.


Thanks for your support, patience and care,